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Bermondsey unveiled with CBA London

Peter Moore has been introducing visiting friends and family to the lesser known wonders of the Bermondsey riverside district for years. Having worked on archaeological sites in the area for decades, he has developed a route to reveal plenty of fascinating history around the lanes, river bank and buildings of this patch of Southwark - one that he’ll reveal to a new audience for Council for British Archaeology's Festival of Archaeology.

Along the route we'll encounter Medieval embankments; a floating village; the unique remains of the landing, processing and packaging of spice from all around the world; the setting of the end of Oliver Twist; and the legacy of WWII. And of course we'll finish in one of Peter's favourite local pubs to talk about what we've seen along the way.

Many will be familiar with Peter as Director of Pre-Construct Archaeology, and he’s also our long standing CBA London membership secretary.

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