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London's Roman Mithraeum in context with CBA London

The Roman Mithraeum in Walbrook has held great fascination for Londoners since its discovery during1954 rescue excavations by William F Grimes prior to an office building filling the site. As well as the temple to Mithras, finds included many important sculptures and attracted thousands of people to view the remains in the dig's final days.

More than 50 years later, extensive excavations of the site took place in 2010-14, before the construction of Bloomberg's new headquarters. This project offered the chance to explore the wider area around the Walbrook stream where the temple had been located. It is one of the most important sites in the UK, due to its extent, size and the waterlogged conditions that allowed organic remains to survive - including 405 wooden writing tablets and timber buildings.

Sadie Watson, site director for those excavations, will introduce us to the Walbrook area and discoveries over time, and we'll visit the Mithraeum itself, reconstructed at its original level beneath the Bloomberg building, as well as its museum and displays.

**Student special offer**

Students in full time education can book for the special rate of £5 - and the first booking includes a year's membership of CBA London.

Places are limited and time is short before the event.

Members and students have priority up until the last few days, when we'll open to the public if any places remain. If all the places are booked, we will operate a waiting list.

Attendees will be sent further details on booking.

Note that it is our policy to only give refunds where the place can be filled by someone on the waiting list. The Eventbrite booking fee portion of the ticket cannot be refunded.

If you have any questions, please email the organiser, Becky Wallower, via the contact link below.

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