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CBA London’s visit to historic Fulham Palace

Community Archaeologist Alexis Haslam will lead an exceptional visit for us to historic Fulham Palace. Numbers will be limited, and appropriate precautions will be in place.

Fulham Palace has been part of the Bishop of London’s Estate since AD 704, only ceasing to become a residence of the Bishop in 1973. The history of the site goes back much further however, with evidence for prehistoric and late Roman activity. A recent £3.8 million project has restored the Henry VII era Tudor court, brought key rooms such as the great hall back to life and reintroduced historic varieties of plants grown by Bishop Compton (1675-1713) in what is London’s second oldest botanic garden.

Alexis will take us through the extensive restoration works of the house and garden as well as the archaeology - both excavations and standing building archaeology - that has added to the story. Also included will be a chance to explore the newly created museum, where recent finds are displayed, and the restored rooms in the house itself.

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