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Discover history on the foreshore

For our summer foreshore foray this year, CBA London will be discovering the area around Trig Lane and Cannon Street -- one of the busiest and most historic stretches of the Thames, in the heart of the City of London. Led by Thames Discovery Programme archaeologist Josh Frost, the walk will cover key features that provide much insight into London's life and development over 2,000 years. Along the way, we'll also be able to see the wealth of archaeological material that can be found on the foreshore. And, as usual, we'll mull over all we've seen in a pub afterwards.

Please note that due to Port of London Authority’s permit scheme, you cannot search or dig for artefacts on the foreshore without a permit. For the purposes of the walk you will be covered by the walk leader’s permit.

This area of foreshore is accessed by steep stairs with no handrail, and the foreshore itself can be uneven and boggy, with timbers and other features to clamber over, so suitable footwear is required. Those booking will receive more detailed information on the meeting and walk arrangements.

We have decided to open a new category of tickets for CBA London events, so that more students are able to join us. The ticket price is only £5, and that will include membership of the group for a year -- a great opportunity to discover more about London's archaeology and history.

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