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CBA London Chair Andrew Dismore speaks up for London Archaeology

Andrew Dismore, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Hendon, London Assembly member for Barnet and Camden and honorary Chair of Trustees of the Council of British Archaeology (London) raised the lack of mention of Archaeology in the 2014 ‘Cultural Metropolis’ Mayor’s cultural strategy document in the City Hall Plenary questions session with Munira Mirza, Boris Johnson’s Deputy Mayor for Education and Culture on Tuesday 16th July.

The Council of British Archaeology (London) Chair highlighted the complete lack of references to archaeology in the cultural strategy; the role of archaeology in London’s tourism; the role of historic churches in the arts and tourism; the Museum of London’s position as a hub for archaeological activity; and the growing interest in community archaeology.

The need for consultation in prior to such documents being compiled was emphasised by Mr Dismore.

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